Redesign of Toyota Sequoia
New from Chicago Motor Show

There is no doubt that the American automobile industry is the most famous in the world after the pickup truck. While for some people may be the first associations Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Corvette, most of us think of first fall vans length of over six meters, with drive to all four wheels and big V8 engines. For something like that certainly is no reason - over the past 27 years in a row top two best-selling vehicles in the US market is held by just such a vehicle. On the last Chicago Motor show was presented new redesigned Toyota Tundra

Domination of US vehicles

Suvs and Vans are very important for Americans for another reason - it is the last class where you can still notice the dominance of large domestic companies. While classes are smaller cars took Toyota and Honda, a premium-class Mercedes and BMW, until recently, it was known that the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado (and twin GMC Sierra) and the Dodge Ram (now Ram Trucks) completely control a class of light truck .

Toyota's first attempt to stand up to the Americans in this class was the model T100. Introduced in 1993, the T100 was significantly less than US rivals by the I4 and V6 engines. At the time the Chamber was better and when everyone who will compete to produce the larger (and more powerful engine), Toyota 150-190 hp it was not sufficient that the T100 is left significant mark in the class. As the Ford neared the magical figure of one million annual sales of F-Series, General Motors 700 000 and Dodge Ram 400.000, T100 best year was 1996 when it sold just over 40,000 vehicles. In the range of full-size SUV Toyota has very strong vehicle: new Toyota Sequoia.