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Toyota Land Cruiser 

When a car is to say: "the ruler of SUV's", for more than six decades, it is clear that it is rightly called a global icon in the segment of 4x4 vehicles. You guessed that is the Toyota Land Cruiser, probably the most preferred SUV past, present, and judging by the features of the recently introduced new performance, is on its way to retain that title in the future. Of course, there are a number of other powerful SUVs. About them a lot of information you can read on the site:

Better car connoisseurs say that the secret of Land Cruiser off-road capabilities and durability lies in the synergy of using extremely strong and rigid, resistant structure body-on-frame with exceptional characteristics in all conditions and precise feedback to the driver gets. In addition, there are also, to use the simple, driver assistance systems that allow rapid and safe passage.

Add to that the robustness, quality and durability, it is clear that Land Cruiser gladly used by professionals, such as members of the UN peacekeeping mission, members of the special forces, police and all those who just want to be seen.

The new Toyota Land Cruiser has an independent front suspension with double wishbone and rear four-stage. Land Cruiser Limited is equipped with the advanced suspension system that is electronically controlled (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System - KDSS), which further optimizes the performance of the front and rear shock absorbers for even more advanced driving behavior, both on the field and on the road.

Since Executive trim levels, the driver is provided with adjustable suspension settings (Adaptive Variable Suspension - AVS), with the possibility of choosing between different sets of engines, suspension and steering, with a choice of operating modes: Normal, Sport and Comfort. On the ground, KDSS system literally separates the front and rear stabilizers, and thus significantly improves traction and power transfer to the wheels in low grip, or in severe off-road conditions.

The rear differential can be fully locked to contribute to traction and transfer of power when it is needed most. Among other advanced drive ability point out an automatic traction control wheel that simultaneously uses braking and engine control to optimally distribute torque between the two axles and / or on each wheel separately.